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Change is the only constant and we are here to make your transition smooth. Also in Compensation Benefits, our goal is to ensure that all of your compensation are met.

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Change Management Consulting

Change is the only constant and we are here to make your transition smooth.

Change does not happen in isolation, it impacts the organization as a whole and all the people involved are affected by it. Change management approaches vary widely depending on the kind of change an organization undergoes. We ensure that changes are thoroughly and smoothly implemented and lasting benefits of the change is achieved. Our team of professionals help you with any change in your organization, be it technological, a change in leadership, strategic change, a merger or other process driven and organic change.

We Assist

In devising an effective education, training and/or skills upgrading scheme for the organization.

  • In planning the involvement and project activities of the change sponsor(s).
  • In assessment of all the stakeholders and defining the nature of sponsorship, involvement and communication that will be required.
  • In planning how and when the changes will be communicated, and organizing and/or delivering the communications messages.
  • In countering resistance from the employees and help align them to overall strategic direction of the organization.
  • In monitoring of the implementation and fine-tuning as required.
  • In monitoring assumptions, risks, dependencies, costs, return on investment and cultural issues affecting the progress of the associated work.

We Provide

  • Training needs assessment - a structured way of ensuring that the right people are given the right training at the right time.
  • Personal counseling (if needed) to ease any change related fears.

Compensation Benchmarking

Our goal is to ensure that all of your compensation design needs are met.

We customize our services to meet your target needs by employing specific data sources and multiple compensation components which help maximize your employee output and performance. Our compensation solution will provide data specifically customized to your organization, and astute recommendations, enabling you to set compensation levels that are both competitive and tactical. Our resources include industry specific and comprehensive national surveys, public company data drawn from peers, and proprietary surveys. Additionally, specific aspects of compensation can be addressed such as base salary, short term incentives, long term incentives, health and welfare, and fringe benefits.

Organizational Culture survey

As an Organization you dedicate considerable resources and time in developing structures, systems and measuring outcomes. With the effort put in, it helps when the culture and the behaviors you’re trying to drive ensures that initiatives are in alignment with values and will move the organization toward its mission. More generally, you need affirmation that the culture you’re bringing in is something that is proven to be linked to high performance and employee satisfaction.

We help you with, quantifying, predicting, and communicating your ideal or preferred organizational culture and provide a visual gap analysis, objectives for cultural change, and a basis for identifying the appropriate levers for effecting this change.

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